Data protection

HCSO is one of Hungary’s largest national data stewards. Census data are processed in a high security environment. Its IT system has been developed with the approval of the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (NAIH). Data processing is subject to strict national and international regulations.

Census data may be used for statistical purposes only. The results are published in aggregate form only and cannot be linked in any way to the respondents.

Data were automatically encrypted when a questionnaire had been completed. The collected data were sent directly to the closed servers of HCSO, where the names, addresses and other census data were stored separately. They may only be linked under strict conditions, for a limited period of time and exclusively for the purpose of data processing.

The HCSO does not release personal census data and information from administrative sources considered as personal data to third parties. HCSO shall not disclose personal data to the authorities either. HCSO only processes data for official statistical purposes and shall not use them to support measures or decisions concerning specific individuals.

Online respondents completed the questionnaire independently may have entered into a prize draw. If you wished to participate in the draw, you needed to provide your contact details (email address or telephone number). Winners were notified using this contact information.

HCSO shall treat the contact details provided for the prize draw, those provided for quality control purposes and census data separately.

HCSO’s General Privacy Notice